DIY Hanging Herb Garden for Urban Living

DIY Hanging Garden | twentysomething Indy

Like many of my fellow Indy twentysomethings, I live in the city. More precisely, I live in a rather cramped, one-bedroom apartment amidst the ever present sounds of beeping construction trucks, screaming ambulances and daily traffic. And for the most part, I love it. However, one of the parts I don’t love is not having […]

DIY Holiday Wreath


Lately, it seems like the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) trend has completely taken over, especially around the holidays. Everybody and their mom has made their own yogurt, sewn their own baby diapers or decorated their Christmas tree in handmade, gluten-free cinnamon ornaments. While I love to DIY just about everything, my favorites are the quick and simple […]

5 Things for Summer Brides to Remember

5 Things for Summer Brides to Remember

So far this summer, it seems like I’ve had a wedding to attend almost every weekend. I also just had my own wedding at the end of May! As I’ve attended these weddings (and planned my own), I’ve picked up a few things that I either loved, learned or didn’t enjoyed so much. Here are […]

do-tique Blows Into Carmel


The big city luxury of blow-and-go hair boutiques has finally landed in the Indianapolis area! Located on Main St. in the heart of downtown Carmel, do-tique is a chic space perfect for pampering. We got the sneak peek a few weeks ago at their grand opening celebration the night before they opened their doors. Lined […]

Review: Chartreuse Soy Candles


Confession: I’m not a huge fan of candles. It’s not the the soft light they produce or that they’re a great tool to have when electricity fails us and we’re left to fend like cavemen in the dark.  It’s the overpowering smell they can throw off which tends to give me a headache and irritated […]

Thrift Shops: Westside


Throughout my research for this thrift shops series I have traveled to a lot of neighborhoods I didn’t even know existed. The west side was definitely a side of town I haven’t spent a lot of time in. When I told a friend that I was researching thrift shops on the west side her response […]

Easy Office to Evening Style Transitions


Nothing says young professional like having a full schedule. And having a full schedule is never more apparent than when you don’t even have time to run home and change into date night or girls’ night ready clothing.  To keep from having to lug around your closet in your car to accommodate these social events, […]

C. Wonder Opens Shop in Indy


It’s a good month for the prepster crowd and those crazy about all things monogram, bright and cheerful. Following the launch of the new Kate Spade store at the Keystone mall was the opening of C. Wonder, a store offering clothing, accessories and chic home goods for entertaining and everyday glamour. Last Thursday we got […]

Kate Spade Lands in Indy


Kate Spade New York has finally landed in Indianapolis and I cannot be happier! Last week I got to help welcome it to the neighborhood as I sipped Pellegrino and nibbled on cupcakes at the retailer’s newest location in the recently renovated Keystone Mall. The whimsical accessories adorned in bright colors and eye-catching patterns have […]

Thrift Shops: Downtown

Photo credit: Jasmin Snyder

This thrift shops series is heating up as we move our way downtown. Shopping in downtown Indianapolis is very different than most major cities. We have the mall, a few boutiques, and a few convenience stores, but downtown Indy is by no means a shopping hub. But never fear, I spent a whole day driving […]

DIY Boyfriend Gift: Beer Cap Monogram Artwork

Photo credit: Marcy Lendaro

Even with 365 days to plan each year, it is still embarrassingly difficult for me to find the perfect gift for my boyfriend. I always find myself panicking a month before major milestones. As I worried about this year’s gift, I got to thinking: my boyfriend (we can him “E”) is just into so. many. […]

Team Spirit in the Office


March. It’s mad. You know what else is mad? Not being able to wear your lucky team sweatshirt to work on game day. For all you Indianapolis twenty-something ladies who are full of school spirit this month, I’ve put together some cute, office-appropriate looks that will let everyone know where your loyalty lies. (Guys, I’m […]