New Girl in Town: 4 Ideas for Your Next Hobby

Your twenties are the perfect time to relocate – but in the midst of feelings of liberation, it’s natural for some nerves to show their ugly faces, too (especially if you’re moving solo).

Luckily for you, I’m here to make your transplant just a smidgen easier. So far, we’ve covered the three things Indy newbies should know as well as four tips on meeting your new besties in the Circle City (hey, it’s not as easy as in middle school).

So now it’s time to get off your ass and find yourself a hobby.

Easy for me, one of my favorite hobbies (blogging) actually forces me to sit on my ass. But if you’re in the mood for a diversion that’s a little more active (and involves, you know, actual people), here are my top four ideas for taking up a hobby* in Indy.

1. Do nature-y stuff.

Do you dig (see what I did there?) dirt and grass and bugs and plants and outdoors-y stuff? This one’s for you. Indy’s an outdoorsperson’s Mecca, from the IMA’s gardens and grounds and the Monon Trail to the Canal Walk, Eagle Creek and the 192 parks of Indy (says Wikipedia). And if you want to mix nature with volunteering, check out Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to help, you know, keep Indianapolis beautiful.

2. Sweat it out.

Exercise: It’s a good way to make friends and an overall good hobby to have just to pass the time. And us Indianapolisians like to sweat it out in groups – join in team community sports, sign up for a 5k, try a Crossfit competition (if you’re super intense), or join in one-time events like Monumental Yoga on the Circle.


Photo Credit: Ju Zara via Flickr

3. Give your time.

I’ve said it before: we Indianapolisians like to show how much we care – and we really do care a lot. If you don’t have money to spare for a good cause, our many nonprofit organizations are always on the look-out for a spare set of hands. Indy supports a lot of great causes; some of my favorites, especially for young pros, are JCI, School on Wheels, Junior Achievement and IndyHub.

4. Become a parent.

…um, of an animal. I mean, if you’ve already got kids (or one’s on the way), mazel tov! But otherwise, I’m not condoning popping a bun in the oven just so you’re not lonely.

Obviously, get a pet instead.

Not only is pet parenting a great way to meet new people (and a chick magnet, single guys! What girl doesn’t love a puppy?!), but fostering and/or rescuing animals honestly just makes you a good person.

In the market to love and shelter a furry four-legged friend? Start by checking out our area Humane Societies or other orgs like IndyCLAW Rescue or Southside Animal Shelter.

Your choice to move to Indy was a wise one (nice work), so now’s the time to make the most of that decision. Don’t get into an eat-work-eat-sleep routine – find something (or multiple things! Do lots of things!) in the city that speaks to you, and go at it full force. You won’t regret it.

*Note: If knitting or stamp collecting is your thang, power to you. But don’t expect it on this list, because priorities.

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