March Madness Meets Philanthropy with Brackets for Good Indianapolis

March Madness Meets Philanthropy in Brackets for Good Indianapolis 2016 | twentysomething Indy

Let’s be honest: How much do you spend a week at your favorite coffee shop? Lunch out when you have perfectly good leftovers hanging out in your fridge at home? Midnight impulse buys on Amazon? While there’s satisfaction in the afternoon caffeine fix and seeing that Amazon box show up at your door, I think […]

MILO, the Newest Duo Act from Fishers, is Here to Stay

MILO, the newest duo act from Fishers is here to stay | twentysomething Indy

Part alt rock, part indie, with elements of garage and classic rock thrown in for good measure. Hailing from Fishers, IN, MILO is a band with a mission and a quality sound to back them up. While relatively new to the music scene, MILO’s two members have been performing and building their solo careers for some time. Comprised […]

Eating for a Good Cause: Building Tomorrow’s Burger Battle

Building Tomorrow Burger Battle | twentysomething Indy

I don’t know what it is about warm weather, but something about it makes a grilled burger extra special and delicious. What’s even better is when you can eat a great meal and help out an amazing cause at the same time. Building Tomorrow’s third annual Burger Battle is coming up this weekend and is an event […]

twentysomething Musician: Joy Caroline Mills

twentysomething Musician: Joy Caroline Mills

From singing and dancing to Britney Spears “Lucky” to being in an all-girls A Capella group Ladies Choice, 22 year old Joy Caroline Mills knew that music was her true passion early in life. Joy was born in Chicago and at a young age her family relocated to Hawaii. While living in paradise, Joy learned […]

DIY Hanging Herb Garden for Urban Living

DIY Hanging Garden | twentysomething Indy

Like many of my fellow Indy twentysomethings, I live in the city. More precisely, I live in a rather cramped, one-bedroom apartment amidst the ever present sounds of beeping construction trucks, screaming ambulances and daily traffic. And for the most part, I love it. However, one of the parts I don’t love is not having […]

Support Ronald McDonald House of Indiana with Fox & Hound Food and Festivities

Fox & Hound event supporting Ronald McDonald House of Indiana | twentysomething Indy

If you’re looking for an excuse to eat, drink, and be merry on an average weeknight, supporting a charitable cause is certainly a good one. On Wednesday, June 3, Fox & Hound is partnering with the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana for a party that features complimentary samples of some of their fan-favorite food (including Drunken […]

IndyHub’s Hello, Neighbor!

Hello, Neighbor! | twentysomething Indy

Thinking about buying your first home in Indianapolis? Renting in Indianapolis, and in no way ready to think about home ownership? Smitten with your neighborhood? Want to improve your neighborhood? No matter how you answered those questions, IndyHub‘s Hello, Neighbor! panel last night at the Platform at City Market provided a wealth of information and resources for engaged residents of Indianapolis. Erika D. Smith […]

twentysomething Entrepreneurs: Kakpindi Jamiru and Brian Frick


Ask the average person what their pet peeve on social media is, and you’ll probably get a litany of complaints: engagement photo albums, selfies, political tirades, “humble brag” posts, and more. Everyone has a particular post or poster that they love to hate, but aside from the “de-friend” button, no one seems to do much […]

{almost} twentysomething Musician: Haley Jonay

Haley Jonay | twentysomething Indy

While most high school students are crafting the perfect emoji configuration between passing periods, Haley Jonay is passionately working on her music. And while some would consider singing on the Smiley Radio Show or thousands of views on YouTube (which you can check out below) to be milestone accomplishments, her biggest musical milestone occurred on […]

DIY Holiday Wreath


Lately, it seems like the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) trend has completely taken over, especially around the holidays. Everybody and their mom has made their own yogurt, sewn their own baby diapers or decorated their Christmas tree in handmade, gluten-free cinnamon ornaments. While I love to DIY just about everything, my favorites are the quick and simple […]

twentysomething Volunteer: Adair Ahlers

Photo - Adair Ahlers

As a generation known for our passion and commitment to social issues, most young professionals are eager to get involved in the community and give back. There are so many spectacular organizations out there in need of volunteers, which can make choosing one to donate your time a little overwhelming. That’s why we’re reaching out […]